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Mission Statement

I originally landed on Discord by chance, but I've really come to like their social platform. It's a great way to chat and keep an open dialogue going. I enjoy participating in AP conversations and Discord is a great way to do so. I originally created this channel in order to help guide new players in the right direction and try to steer them away from bad information; we all know there's a ton of it out there. I've set up various read-only channels, filled with different resources to help the new players out. These resources alone won't turn you into winning players, but it will point you in the right direction and help further your card counting education. The nice thing about Discord is that it allows conversations to take place in real time, unlike many other online forums, as well as participate in Voice Chat. I hope you find the channel useful and/or entertaining. Enjoy!  

- Ryemo

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Blackjack Discord FAQ's

What is Discord?

Discord is a social platform that was origionally designed for gamers, but the app has proven to be a useful tool for all types of socializing. This channel in particular was designed for AP discussion. 

How Do I Join?

Easy! Discord is an app that can either be downloaded on your PC, Mac, smart phone, or tablet. You can visit from your PC/Mac, or search for Discord in your mobile app store to download the platform, but you'll need to click the   "JOIN NOW"  button in order to access the channel, as that button contains the necessary invite link. When dowloading the app to your phone, look for this icon: 

How Does Discord Differ From Other Blackjack Forums?

Discord is an ongoing chat room where conversations take place in real time. There is no designated chat time. You can hop in and out whenever it's convienent for you. If you need to reach out to someone specifically, you have the ability to send a DM or use the @mention feature, which will usually notify the recipient that you're trying to reach out them. Another great feauture about Discord is the ability to Voice Chat. 

How Does Voice Chat Work?

It's similar to VOIP service. Numerous chatters can hop into Voice Chat at once for a group conversation. Think of it like a conference call on steroids. Voice Chat can be accessed by your PC or mobile device. All you need are some head phones with a mic. Example: Apple headphones would be sufficient to participate in voice chat. 

Who is Blackjack The Discord For?

Blackjack The Discord is for APs of all levels. It's also not exclusive to blackjack players either. There's various channels on our channel for all types of AP discussions, such as blackjack, online gaming, poker, sports betting, crypto currency, etc. 

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Rules of the Channel

Just like any other forum dedicated to AP discussion, please keep it polite and civil. I won't be baby sitting the chat at all times, so be respectful with each other. Chatters who are constantly "trolling" or overly confrontational will be banned from the channel. 

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